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Using smart, collaborative analysis to understand and protect the water environment - and better manage our global resources

Who We Are

H2onestly is a collaboration of environmental and analytical specialists united by our desire to help governments and communities to make informed decisions on resource sharing, proposed developments and improved policies. We use good science, cutting edge technology as well as the best available analytical and prediction tools to support open, transparent decisions.

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H2onestly CEO

CEO and founding director, Mr Peter Dupen, is an environmental geoscientist with over 30 years experience working in governmental and commercial consulting, both within Australia and the UK.


Pete's Team

Our teams act as organisers, implementers, examiners and data analysts, as well as predictive modellers and peer reviewers.

The principal role of H2onestly is to develop and implement optimal, robust analytical techniques, grounded in practical, design-thinking approaches which support regulators and stakeholders to make sound, coherent decisions.

We believe that the best decisions arise when all relevant views have been taken into account.

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Pete’s central passion and skill is applying new, analytical technologies to support governments, developers and communities make good decisions about policies, regulations and developments which affect the environment. 


Pete is currently doing a PhD with the PERSWADE group at UTS, applying collaborative modelling tools to facilitate stakeholder engagement in the early stages of a real mine planning application in NSW.

Pete collaborates with an impressive stable of carefully vetted, ethically-minded discipline specialists (e.g. hydrogeologists, hydrologists, social scientists).


Specialist project teams made up of suitably skilled professionals are assembled and managed to address the unique nature, scope and requirements of any particular project.


H2onestly Services

H2onestly offers a range of specialist services to government agencies and communities. We exist to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our ethical, collaborative approach differentiates us and makes for the most successful outcomes. 

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We offer a range of specialist services to government agencies and communities including:

Procurement of leading technologies and technologists, project-managed to achieve efficient, concrete results that fully meet client requirements

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Construction Management
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Design and management of modern, cloud-hosted information platforms, using open-scripted databases and automated analytical tools

Advice on emerging and established decision-support tools and approaches to improve planning and environmental regulation processes​

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Innovative stakeholder engagements to enable all relevant information to be gathered and understood, including collaborative modelling, stakeholder mapping and cognitive mind-mapping

Peer reviews of groundwater and surface water resource and quality models

H2onestly is not bound to any single technology, approach or practitioner; rather we act as informed brokers between government agencies, development proponents, communities and advanced, leading edge, ethical data managers, modellers and analytical specialists.


H2onestly Background

H2onestly seeks to meet an urgent need in our world to improve the quality and confidence of decision-making about engineered developments, environmental issues and regulatory policies.  These decisions can be made more transparent and robust with the aid of emerging open-source data and analysis platforms and many other exciting new technologies. 


The business was born out of the experiences of H2onestly's founder, Peter Dupen. Pete’s central observation is that far too often regulators are making poorly informed decisions - often because their analytical approaches are not advanced enough to robustly examine the impact predictions being suggested by proponents and championed by consultants.

An example from Pete’s recent past is observing that groundwater flow models are increasingly being used by industry to estimate surface water losses over mining-induced subsidence in catchments supplying Sydney’s drinking water needs.  Closer examination revealed that these models were inappropriate for the purpose, and that large uncertainties known to the modellers were not being disclosed.  Pete and his team are now working with authorities to identify innovative, accurate methods to quantify surface water losses induced by underground mining.

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The H2onestly Ethic

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H2onestly provides independent, professional analysis and decision support based on good science and an understanding of all relevant views.


Contact Us

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